Pricing Information

Thank you for your interest in Bees Cards.  Please see the information below regarding pricing.

Because our cards are handmade and customized to your event, it is difficult to give exact pricing without first having a phone consult to discuss your needs.  We hope that this answers your questions, and look forward to speaking with you personally to design a unique custom invitation to fit your budget.

All of our invitations are customized to the extent of your imagination.  They are each handmade and provide a unique preview to your spectacular event.

We are a full service invitation company.  We will send your completed unique custom invitations to you ready to be sealed, stamped and mailed.

Invitation sets can be sold in any increment with a minimum of 25.  All invitations include the outgoing envelope.  A set can include any or all of the following options: RSVP with printed reply envelope, direction cards, reception cards, weekend calendars, save the dates, thank you notes, and the list goes on…

Consider invitation pricing these three ranges:

For the modest budget, we can customize a two – three layer invitation with many different colors and textures of cardstock.  It can be further personalized by including an image, design, or photo that enhances your theme.  Many people choose to also add ribbons, brads, and other 3-D elements.  Generally, these invitations start at $7 a set.

A mid-range invitation would include additional customization such as a pocket folder with a front enclosure, layered band, or ribbon.  Other options would be to create a unique shape such as a lollipop.  There are many specialty papers and textures we can use to further customize your invitation.  Generally, these invitations start at $12 a set.

Our high-end invitations include intricate design, multiple layers, specialty papers, unique shapes, embossed printing, rhinestones, silk or satin hand-dyed ribbon, and much more.  For this level of customization, we use a mix of textured, glittered, and sueded papers to enhance the “wow factor”.  Generally, these invitations start at $18 a set.

Additional services include: return and guest addressing for invitations and thank you notes, lined envelopes, upgraded envelopes, specialty mailers, assembly, design of custom postage, postage application, and mailing.

We are also able to further customize your event by providing table cards, place cards, and other paper items for your event.  We will work with you to enhance your event theme from save the date to thank you note.

Because of all these options, we prefer to speak with you directly to create the perfect invitation for your party and budget.

Please give us a call at 661-618-9413 to discuss your needs.  We look forward to hearing from you

Thank you for considering choosing Bees Cards custom bat mitzvah invitations,  Bees Cards custom bar mitzvah invitations and unique wedding invitations!